Brent Tottie

Brent is a Peer Advocate at The Lighthouse in Orillia and does a lot of peer support in Barrie. Lived experience means that he has lived through difficulties and has been able to transition out of that lifestyle. Being intimately familiar with systems and empathetic to peers who still struggle, Brent is uniquely qualified to offer support and referral. He is in recovery from addiction to opiates, cocaine and alcohol and has experienced chronic episodic homelessness over a lifetime of incarceration, hospitalization and admittedly poor life choices. With regards to the opiate crisis there is not one facet of Brent’s life it has not touched. He has lost loved ones, dear friends, brought people back from near death with Naloxone many times and unfortunately has OD’d over 4 times himself. Brent sit on SMOS and the Harm Reduction Advisory Board and speaks in public regularly.