Dave Collacutt, Drawdown Facilitator

Dave was born in Toronto, attended Leaside High, and studied Engineering at U of Toronto. Engineering, teaching, farming, software development – Bonnie and Dave have lived and worked as partners for more than 50 years. Twenty years ago they sold their software company, sold their small farm near Schomberg, and inherited their wonderful retreat on Lake Simcoe.

Their inner activists then emerged. For several years,  it was Ecologos, an environmental change organization since become Water Docs. Then three years leading symposia across Ontario for the Pachamama Alliance. Six more years with Transition Barrie, leading monthly seminars working to find ways to deal with expensive energy, climate chaos and financial uncertainty.  On to FruitShare Barrie, and now, working to enhance a sustainable food supply with Barrie’s new Urban Pantry, while at the same time helping out with Third Age Barrie. And somewhere in there, Dave found time to be the founding president of the Huronia Probus Club.

Perhaps because of his years of work for long term sustainability, Dave has long admired the First Nations strategy of planning for at least seven generations. He suspects that supporting and strengthening our First Nations represents one of our best hopes for this country.