Ky’okusinga Kirunga

Ky’okusinga Kirunga is the Manager of Monitoring & Evaluation for the Stephen Lewis Foundation (SLF). She has been with the Foundation for over eight years, during which time she has also held the positions of Field Representative and Programmes-Communications Liaison.

Through her work and her personal life, Ky’okusinga has come into close contact with HIV/AIDS and its devastating effects on households, families and communities. During her time as a Field Representative for SLF, she conducted over 100 visits to the Foundation’s partners on the ground, and witnessed in depth and up close the heroic work being done by grassroots organizations to alleviate the impact of the pandemic in their communities and countries.  In her current role as the Manager of Monitoring & Evaluation, she oversees and coordinates the Programme Team’s intensive and ongoing M&E work in 15 African countries – including the management of the Foundation’s eight Field Representatives.

Ky’okusinga has a degree in Languages from the University of Toronto, a certificate in Communications from McGill University, and is currently a candidate for a Masters in Public Policy and Administration from Concordia University. Before joining SLF, Ky’okusinga spent over three years as the CBC’s Senior Communications Officer for Quebec.

For the last eight years, she has been a Board Member of 60 Million Girls – a public foundation established in February 2006 with the objective of financially supporting at least two major education projects annually in developing countries with the greatest gender disparity in school enrolment.  Ky’okusinga is also an active Board Member of Mburara International School, a school established by her mother 15 years ago in Uganda.

Originally from Uganda and having made Canada her home, Ky’okusinga is proud to bridge the two worlds through this inspiring and enriching work.