Not Your Mother’s Feminism: Women and Power 2019

Tuesday’s April 23rd to May 21st, 2019 1:30-3:30
Grace United Church, Cook & Grove St., Barrie

Tuesday April 23: Feminisms & Political Power

Presenter: Peggy Nash – Former NDP MP, Ryerson Professor, Media Commentator

Those who have been most excluded from the political process by the old paradigms of male power and mainstream feminism are becoming the new voice and energy of a new generation that is insisting on leading.

See Biography: Peggy Nash

Tuesday April 30: Women and Health Care

Presenter: Dianne Martin – Chief Executive Officer, Registered Practical Nurses of OntarioDianne will share some of her journey as a Health Care provider and director of policy and professionalism. She will also highlight some of the health outcomes and concerns as they relate to women’s health.

See Biography: Dianne Martin

Tuesday May 7: Women as Foreign Policy Leaders

Presenter: Sylvia Bashevkin – Professor U of T, Author

What do we know about women’s participation in political executive roles? How useful are popular assumptions concerning gender and leadership to research on contemporary foreign policy elites? What conclusions can we draw from the available data? This presentation addresses each question in turn, drawing on the cases of four senior foreign policy decision-makers appointed by US presidents since 1980.

See Biography: Sylvia Bashevkin

Tuesday May 14: Human Trafficking at Home and Abroad

Presenter: Debbie Pond – Retired RCMP Officer, Founding Member of U–R Home

Human Trafficking – we think it only happens to people living “over there” but IT Can Happen to Anyone and is happening in “our backyard”. Survivors say they lived in our communities but were unSEEN!

Debbie believes that we can end all forms of sexual exploitation but it is each person’s responsibility to challenge the harmful attitudes and stereotypical norms in our society!

Debbie will discuss what human trafficking entails, the many forms of exploitation, what it looks like in “our backyard”, how to recognize signs of trafficking and recruitment tactics.  Does trafficking happen because people are poor or vulnerable? The role social media plays in human trafficking. How the mindset of a trafficked person impacts their ability to “just leave”.  Debbie will share her experience of walking with survivors and the realities of their lives after exiting The Game. She will challenge you to become an Advocate and Assist in ending human trafficking in “our backyard”.

See Biography: Debbie Pond

Tuesday May 21:Women and Film

Presenter: Maureen Judge, Award-Winning Canadian Filmmaker

When I first began my career as a director, it was unusual for women to be filmmakers. It’s only in recent years that we’ve begun to hear from so many more female voices. Drawing on my experience as a documentary filmmaker, as well as on the films other women, we’ll explore the importance of creating our own stories, and seeing ourselves authentically reflected onscreen. I examine the portrayal of women in a variety of films, how ‘her’ story is told, and the point of view of the filmmaker. I also discuss the challenge of making films in a male-dominated industry and the changing face of production.

See Biography: Maureen Judge

Venue:   Grace United Church

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350 Grove St. E, Barrie, Ontario, Canada