Remarkable Moments in Time

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Tuesdays, September 21st to October 19th, 2021
1:30 – 3:30 pm
$50 for the Series
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Let’s escape virtually to tuscan Splendours, the Vikings as they expanded across the North Atlantic, The Wonders of Frank Lloyd Wright, Mayhem in the Central Pacific and the Monet revolution in Art.

You will see that our tour guides are “Top Notch”!!

September 21: The Palio of Siena: Tuscan Splendour, Medieval Pride

Presenter: Dr. Anna Piperato, Tour Guide Par Excellence

Be transported to the Middle Ages as you learn about the Palio of Siena with Dr. Anna Piperato. The Tuscan city’s central square is transformed into a treacherous hippodrome twice a year, but the race is so much more than just 90 seconds of exhilaration. The splendour of Siena’s Golden Age resurfaces in this competition as ten of the 17 Contrade (districts) compete for eternal glory. In one of the greatest demonstrations of civic pride the world over, learn why this nearly 800-year old tradition exemplifies the spirit of the Sienese people.

See Biography: Dr. Anna Piperato

September 28: Frank Lloyd Wright: 70 Years of Architecture

Presenter: Marta O’Brien, Architectural Historian

Considered by many to be America’s greatest architect, Frank Lloyd Wright had a long career with professional and personal highs and lows. His innovative house designs incorporated his ideas on form, light, and use of inside space. Later he experimented with different materials including concrete blocks. Wright’s non-residential buildings were daring structures unlike any other buildings of his time, and some are among the most important buildings in Western architecture. Often he designed the furniture and fixtures for his buildings while insisting that he knew best how the domestic or work activities should be conducted. His scandalous personal life set him back, but could not end his career. Architectural historian Marta O’Brien will give us a glimpse into Wright’s complex life and most significant buildings.

See Biography: Marta O’Brien

October 5: Expanding the Viking Realm: Eric the Red, Leif Erikson and the Exploration and Settlement of Iceland, Greenland and North America.

Presenter: Tony Davis, Biogeographer

During the tenth century, the Vikings expanded across the North Atlantic, through the Baltic and the Mediterranean into the Black Sea and the Caspian. Iceland was settled from 874 AD. The population was always small and subject to the threats of the Icelandic environment, particularly its volcanism. In 986, Erik the Red, exiled from Iceland, established a colony in Greenland. Why was life so difficult in Iceland? Why was the Greenland settlement doomed? They made several trips to Atlantic Canada. Where did they go? Why didn’t they stay?

See Biography: Tony Davis

October 12: Chasing Captain Cook – Murder and Mayhem in the Central Pacific

Presenter: Tony Davis, Biogeographer

On his third round the world voyage, Cook sailed to the fringes of the Antarctic and into the Arctic Ocean. He visited the Society Islands (now French Polynesia) again and the Sandwich Islands (Hawaii). In the former he set the scene for the high drama of mutiny on the Bounty. On the latter he was hacked to death. Two of his proteges on the last voyage were George Vancouver and William Bligh. This lecture is a brief look at Cook the captain, navigator, explorer and cartographer and at his exploits and legacy.

See Biography: Tony Davis

October 19: Claude Monet’s Palette: A Revolution in Art

Presenter: Osnat Lippa: Digital Artist and Photographer

The members of the group that formed the Impressionist Movement, the first such group in art history, called themselves the ‘Anonymous society of artists, painters, sculptors and engravers.’

Their first exhibition opened in April 1874, two weeks before the Official Paris Salon, on the Boulevard des Capucines, just a block away from ongoing construction on the Avenue de l’Opera.

It was a pivotal moment in the history of art that changed how art was made and perceived.

Claude Monet’s painting, Impression Sunrise, lent the name to the group inadvertently. He was the group’s most famous and important member whose transformative ideas about art had a far-reaching influence into twentieth century art and art movements.

In this presentation, we will discuss the rise of Impressionism in the shadow of wars and an industrial revolution in France and how Claude Monet created an artistic revolution.

See Biography: Osnat Lippa

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