The Joy of Music

Kerry Stratton, Conductor

We are excited to announce that Kerry Stratton, conductor and music director of the Toronto Concert Orchestra, will be “conducting” a four part lecture series:

The Joy of Music

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Dates:     April 21, April 28, May 5, May 12
Time:     1:30 – 3:30pm with a 20 minute break*
Location:    Grace United Church, 350 Grove St. East


April 21st: The Experience of Music:
A discussion of how the public experience of music has changed over the years, from live performance to the marvels of modern day technology.
Kerry Stratton with Guest Artist: Harpist, Andrew Chan  


April 28th: The Conductor’s Art:
A look at the sometimes mysterious world of conducting. What happens when the composer is on the podium? And what makes a great conductor?
Kerry Stratton – Conductor  


May 5: Mozart’s Most Faithful:
A look at the bad boy genius through the hundreds of richly detailed letters he left behind.
Kerry Stratton with Guest Artist: Pianist and Organist, Deyi Ye  


May 12th: Beethoven and the Revolution:
The world turned upside down as the musical master leads the way into the Romantic era.
Kerry Stratton with Guest Artists: Sharon Lee, Violin  
accompanied by Pianist Cecilia Lee