Our Amazing Universe

Our Amazing Universe

Dates:     Sept 29, Oct 6, Oct 13, Oct 20, Oct 27

Time:     1:30 – 3:30pm with a 20 minute break*

Location:    Grace United Church, 350 Grove St. East

Ever been humbled by a blazing sky of stars? What’s really going on out there?

We are so fortunate that renowned Canadian cosmologist and educator Robert Mann is bringing himself and his colleagues, professors Kristen Menou and Michael Balogh, “down to Earth” just for us. They’ll make sense of galaxies, quasars, neutron stars, black holes, dark matter, … We’ll learn how stars form and die, and where to expect life to arise.

How do we fit into this unimaginably vast cosmos? Our own Paul Bassett will wrap up the five lecture series with his cosmic perspectives on the future of life as we know it. Destinies await us that could blow your mind!

RobertMannSept 29th: Cosmic Origins: the Big Bang and what it means:
Where did our universe come from? Was there actually a beginning of time? Or can we find out what was before the beginning?
Robert Mann, U. Waterloo, Perimeter Institute  

MichaelBaloghOctober 6th: From Atoms to Galaxies: the Growth of Structure in the Universe
How could a simple soup of subatomic particles turn into the extraordinarily complex universe we see today?
Michael Balogh, U. Waterloo  

October 13th: Black Holes, Dark Matter & other Cosmic Mysteries
Can a teaspoon of matter outweigh Mt. Everest? Can black holes swallow each other? What’s so far undetectable yet shapes galaxies? What’s ripping our universe apart?
Robert Mann, U. Waterloo, Perimeter Institute

KristenMenouOctober 20th: Searching for Another Earth
Earth pales when compared to many exotic Earth-size planets that circle other stars, some in less than a day! Could their vastly different climates harbor life?
Kristen Menou, U. Toronto  

October 27th: Prospects Beyond Man
Are we part of a larger pattern? Our corner of the cosmos could catalyze the most profound event since life itself.
Paul Bassett, (formerly) York U.