Our Amazing Universe Video Series

Even Though the Fall Lecture Series is Sold Out You Don’t Have to Miss Out!

See the Video Replay of Our Amazing Universe

Dates:     November 3, 4, 5

Time:     Starts at 1:30 with a 20 minute break between videos.

Location:    Grace United Church, 350 Grove St. East

Paul Bassett (our Prospects Beyond Man speaker) will host the videos and conduct Q&A sessions.

RobertMannTues Nov 3 – Video Replay of: Cosmic Origins: the Big Bang and what it means:
Where did our universe come from? Was there actually a beginning of time? Or can we find out what was before the beginning?
Robert Mann, U. Waterloo, Perimeter Institute  

MichaelBaloghand followed by: From Atoms to Galaxies: the Growth of Structure in the Universe
How could a simple soup of subatomic particles turn into the extraordinarily complex universe we see today?
Michael Balogh, U. Waterloo  

RobertMannWed Nov 4 – Video Replay of: Black Holes, Dark Matter & other Cosmic Mysteries
Can a teaspoon of matter outweigh Mt. Everest? Can black holes swallow each other? What’s so far undetectable yet shapes galaxies? What’s ripping our universe apart?
Robert Mann, U. Waterloo, Perimeter Institute


and followed by: Searching for Another Earth
Earth pales when compared to many exotic Earth-size planets that circle other stars, some in less than a day! Could their vastly different climates harbor life?
Kristen Menou, U. Toronto  

PaulBassettThurs Nov 5 – Video Replay of: Prospects Beyond Man
Are we part of a larger pattern? Our corner of the cosmos could catalyze the most profound event since life itself.
Paul Bassett, (formerly) York U.

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Note: There will be a Q&A and/or intermission after each lecture. You may bring bottled water with you, but no food or other beverages will be allowed in the Sanctuary. TAB executive and presenter Paul Bassett will be on hand to answer questions and discuss issues of audience interest. Sorry you cannot reserve for just one day, but we encourage you to give your seat to a friend if you are not coming every day.

Those who attend the live lectures are, of course, also welcome to come and enjoy the lectures again!