The Changing World Order

The Return to Geopolitics

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Oct. 7 – Nov. 4, 2014

Tuesdays 1:30-3:30pm

For most of 2014, the eyes of the world have been drawn to the crisis in Ukraine. Bitter internal conflict and heavy doses of foreign involvement in that crisis have had critical international consequences which have lead to the highest level of tension between Russia and “The West” since the end of the Cold War.

Were widespread geopolitical manifestations of the political, economic and nationalistic events in Ukraine unexpected or were they signposts in a scary worldwide trend?

Is Geopolitics, the influence of human and physical geography on international politics, making a comeback? The old notions of strategic agendas linked by political power and geographical space may be growing in contrast to globalization.

Join three specialists, Dr. Larry Black, Dr. Michael Johns and Alanda Theriault, for an insightful examination of this question in a series of five lectures called The Changing World Order.

LarryBlackOct. 7th

Russia and the “Ukraine Affair” (My Lie is Truer than Your Lie)
Presented by Dr. Larry Black

What is fact and what is fiction about the ongoing crisis in Ukraine? The focus will be on the agendas pursued by political players in Kiev, Moscow, Washington and Brussels.

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LarryBlackOct. 14

Russia and the “Ukraine Affair” (Ripple Effects—My Referendum is More Legal that Your Referendum)
Presented by Dr. Larry Black

What are the expected and unexpected consequences of the half year international global focus on the present and future of Ukraine?
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MichaelJohnsOct. 21

The Changing Nature of International Relations
Presented by Dr. Michael Johns

How and why have the roles of individuals, non-governmental organizations and international organizations changed in the 21st century?

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MichaelJohnsOct. 28

Social Cohesion in the European Union
Presented by Dr. Michael Johns

Why is the Eurocrisis the least of Europe’s Problems?

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AlandaTheriaultNov 4

The Impact of Internet Censorship on the Changing World Order
Presented by Alana Theriault, MA

In a world increasingly reliant on the internet for information about world issues, what are the ethics and trends of internet censorship in Russia, China and the United States?

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