Terrorism in the 21st Century

Understanding ISIS and Its Impact on the World

The Weapon of Terror: Toward an Understanding of the of Terrorism

Tuesday, April 19 1:30-3:30 pm.

A historical overview of the use of terrorism in political conflicts. The talk will discuss issues of definition, scope and why it never seems to go away.

Dr. Michael Johns Chair,
Department of Political Science
Laurentian University

Uncertainty and Certainty: Two Sides of Religious fundamentalism

Tuesday, April 26 1:30-3:30

Although it is common to think of religious fundamentalism in terms of individuals who cling with certainty to the righteousness of their own beliefs, this lecture will describe how uncertainty may contribute to the adherence to extreme attitudes and beliefs. Content will draw on research and theory from social psychology, including examples from Dr. Haji’s relevant research.

Dr. Reeshma Haji Assistant Professor
Psychology and Arts
Laurentian University

Islam in Reality

Tuesday, May 3 1:30-3:30

An introduction to the teaching of the Quran and how its message has been misused by ISIS and others. “And Remind for verily a reminder benefits the believer.” Quran (51:55)

Imam Mateen Butt
Noor-UI-Islam Ontario-Barrie Mosque

Terrorism and Law Enforcement

Tuesday, May 10 1:30-3:30

The impact that world events are having on policing. What law enforcement is doing to deal with these issues and challenges to the safety and security of the public.

Staff Sergeant J.D. Walker
Ontario Provincial Police

ISIS: An Apocalyptic Death Cult

Tuesday, May 17 1:30-3:30

Bringing About the Rebirth of the Islamic Caliphate ISIS, or Daesh as it is known in the Middle East is the latest manifestation of a rapidly evolving series of international Islamist-based movements attempting to put an end to foreign intervention in the Muslim world and bring about the restoration of the Islamic Caliphate. This lecture will explore the origins of ISIS, their aspirations, strategies and tactics all within the context of the global war on terrorism.

Dr. Fraser Gray
Lecturer Laurentian University